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I've lived in Naples, FL since 1989 after moving from Rockville, MD, a suburb of Washington DC, where I spent my youth. The thought of living in year long paradise appealed to me so I packed up and moved with my parents; they've since left. I met and married my true love and soul mate here; we have been married for 25 years and have two children. 

I got into photography after my brother-in-law traded up cameras and I bought his camera, a Minolta all in one. Wow, is that camera small! I still have it and three others that got me to the point where I am now, with a full-frame Canon 6d and a 7d Mark II. Some of my first photography opportunities were with church and Chick-fil-A. I've more recently connected with Fifth Ave business district and Gulf Coast Runners and photograph for them from time to time. This is not my profession, so I find time early mornings, evenings and on weekends. Did I say I love car shows? Well, you'll see here a folder just for car shows. I've slowed a bit in going as my life demands change, but if there's one in town, I'll try and be there. You'll also notice a folder for Swamp Buggy races. Take a peak inside that folder for a true Florida sport, racing through the mud.  You might see me around the Pier at sunset as I've been known to head over there for the once a day phenomenon. A good representation of my photos are on my facebook page - www.facebook.com/gchristopherphotos, please take a look and "Like" my page. 

On this site GChristopherPhotos.com, I store all my event photography as well as casual photos I take. If you have had your photo taken or were at an event I was photographing, please go to All Photos and find the folder where you think that event should be in, after entering your name and email address, you can locate the gallery and view. Please email me at naplesgc@gmail.com if you need help finding a photo or gallery. I'll do my best to help.

I've priced digital downloads quite reasonably; these are small web size files, perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and web pages. Please only use these photos personally. If you want to commercially use these photos, print or otherwise, please let me know and we can discuss. Once you've signed in, I may, from time to time send an email via this site alerting those of specials and promotion or when additional photos have been uploaded.

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